Love is action. We prove our love to those who oppose us by offering them the hand of help. We proactively, sincerely with certainty take action.

We network with those who think about social contribution through cultural civilization, art, teaching and education. NPO Rising Cloud has launched “JAPAN Spirit Club” centered on three pillars of “art & traditional culture support activities”, “teaching & education support activities”, and “science & technology”.

Bringing the Spirit of Yamato to the World


Yoko Ishikawa[

Yoko Ishikawa[

A nation which the Bible prophets prophesied of, and which inherited an extraordinary culture and civilization from ancient times to the present,

A nation blessed with a mild climate and rich nature, living together in harmony one with another, valuing peace, loving nature and its beauty. That is Japan, the nation of the rising sun.

The world will come to seek Japan’s technical assistance and human resources in various fields such as the spirit of peace, state-of-the-art optical science technology and medical technology. NPO Rising Cloud supports and escorts our overseas visitors to Japan’s culture and arts, and presents its Samurai Spirits through education and support. NPO Rising Cloud has just begun.

We need your support, cooperation, and energy to bring love and peace, and prosperity to the world.

Founder and Chair
Yoko Ishikawa

RINKO’s Testimony


In the beginning

To every thing theres is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

A time to be born and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that is planted; A time to kill. and a time to heal; …. A time to weep, and a time to laugh…

I said in mine heart, God shall judge the righteous and the wicked; for there is a time for every purpose and for every work. (Ecclesiastes 3)

There is a book that made Yoko write this. That book is the Bible. An easy reading, logical inspiring and sacred book gave her great influence and kept her moving.

A great man loved her with all his heart. He watched her and helped her grow. He was a man of integrity with a strong will from Meiji Era. He saw through his daughter’s qualities. He trusted her and let her go abroad.

She was a girl full of curiosity with adventurous spirit grabbing the first dream in her own hand. She had nothing to fear to aim for her goals feeling so protected by own father. Having strong sensibilities and bright character she went to United States at the age of 16 and came back at 18.

America in 1960 was a good era. A great number of rich middle class supported the American society. It was just before the USA was hurt by the Vietnam War. America was a rich and proud nation. After coming back to Japan from the States, she went to Paris to see more of the world.

There was a time she was flying around the world as a flight attendant of foreign airlines. She saw her native country objectively always surrounded by foreigners. She felt her nation of Japan is so original having an outstanding culture and civilization built by an unique people nation. However at the time she did not know the reason why.

Her keen intuition and insight made her felt that way. But she could not speak out with her own words without having enough knowledge about her own country.

What concerned and supported her was to catch her own dreams and seeking ideals and the spirit to go through with them. This gave her enormous energy.

She hardly gave up her dreams and was always pursuing better ideals. This attitude helped her when raising children, teaching English to her fellow citizens, and managing dental clinics. She had people close to her to whom she could pour out her abundant energy and passion.

She went through all of those experiences and now and arrived at another stage of her life.

Supreme spiritual power did not leave her at the time of her loss. The death of her father was the first hardest time of her life. She has a tendency of keep questioning to herself why and why at the time of struggles. Her outstanding character sublimated things. The image of her own father whom she looked up to also helped to sublimate them.

After years had gone by, she experienced “mystery experience” in her early 40s.

It was an “experience with the light”. The sacred voice that she heard from brightly shining clouds was not of this world. It was full of “dignity and compassion”.

Her desperate needs or extreme want was “God”, the ultimate existence.

She was convinced of the presence of “GOD Who creates”. She was baptized and became a Christian. And the Bible became her favorite reading. Her interest expanded and spilled over to a great many things from the Bible. Her worldview flying around the world changed by 180 degrees.

In particular, what she wanted to know was the history of mankind, from ancient history to the present age. Without knowing “the country’s walk” or “true history” or “love of God” it was not possible to say anything.

Unless humanity does not learn from the past and its history, it will never know the truth of events and human society will not be led to a bright future,

She wants to do what can be done on the ground playing her role.

She likes to do what has to be done and after death shall enter that light up in Heaven!

So she is writing this little book thinking of doing JAPAN Escort!

Japan is a rare country, and she was born as a Japanese in Japan, holding the “Yamato soul” and “Dignified Spirit”. She will share with the world and with you Japanese culture, civilization, arts and education,

RINKO would like to take action believing that “Country of the Rising Sun” prophesied in the Bible will lead to “the world of Maitreya”. She is at the time of this writing 70 years old, Koki this year. And she is still alive, not giving up any of her dreams.

In the end of her life, she wants to devote herself to use it for God’s use,

It’s her JAPAN Escort organization that starts with such feelings.

The God of omniscience sees everything, Because HE knows it, she has no choice but to do her best.

The mainstream news media is not functioning properly, and it does not convey any truth. It broadcasts propaganda to control good citizens around the world. Unless you take action to seek the truth, true information cannot be obtained in society.

Mainstream media coverage reports only what they want to convey for the brainwashing of the general public. Moreover, with a thin history textbook by the Ministry of Education, you will not learn anything, and it will not help you grow to have pride and patriotism to your own country. As the proverb says there is nothing that is hidden not exposed to the sun.

The mainstream media really doesn’t tell you the truth about what GHQ (General Headquarters) did during the Japanese occupation, what was the Tokyo Trial about, how the war with America broke out, who are international bankers, international financial capitalists, NY’s Wall Street, the City of London, Vatican City, the Federal Reserve System Central Bank, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), CIA, NATO. the United Nations, Communism, Capitalism, the Military Industrial Complex, multinational enterprises, globalization, what is the Takeshima problem on the Senkaku Islands, Japan-Russia relations about the Northern Territories, TPP and Japan, etc.. etc.

These were all in a distant world and so unrelated to herself, she thought.

She sees big evils and errors in the world which became her great concern though she was not related to any of it! Where is the world heading to? 0.1% of the population is full of deception, holding “information”, “money” “power” that monopolize the wealth and power of the world. They are trying to control good citizens of the nation forever and are connected with a ‘individualist network’ of greed and selfishness.

Meanwhile, a strong Russia is spreading its power again. The northern nation of Russia is making strategy moving secretly under Putin, the strongest man on earth. And Mr. Trump was elected to the President of the United States with overwhelming support. The appearance of these people including China with Chinese thought is the providence of God. The world situation is becoming more and more tense just as the Bible prophesied.

She is seriously concerned that according to Article 9 of the Constitution, the Japanese government is not defending own country not protecting people’s lives and wealth, citizens are standing on the edge. This national trouble of Japan is also a part of the world’s troubles.

Japan has an exceptional culture and civilization history that does not fall into materialism only. This country is formed by a philosophical, aesthetic, and highly-civilized ethnic group. “A country that was prophesied” in the Bible as the country of the Rising-sun.

“Ephraim” blessed by God, almighty LORD, the descendants of that nation that founded YAMATO NO KUNI. That is JAPAN.

However, because current Japanese are peacefully asleep, people in general do not recognize what is happening behind the swaying world affairs and that Japan is in the midst of national security troubles.

Who will think of the national interest of this country first?
Who will prevent it from fragmenting into ethnic groups?
Who will educate the youth, the next generation, to have pride in their history?
Who will protect Japan’s culture, Japan’s tradition, Japan’s civilization, Japan’s economy, Japan’s system?
Who will enrich Japan and not make it poorer?
Who will protect the Japanese language which has the spirit of YAMATO?
Who will prosper Japan and take its leadership to the world?

Nobody but us …

About globalization: Japanese having a high standard of civilization can face it gently and firmly in order to have a mutual understanding, triple profits, with good harmony with good cooperation. To counter the State power Japan has an authority which is symbolized by the Emperor. He is the highest Shinto priest supported by the people. That is Japan.

Japan is unique amoung the nations of the world.

Japan and the people and the world will prosper by balancing power and authority harmoniously. The Japanese have special power to merge, to refine and change it to better and to the best. The Japanese are very good at this! The Japanese always did so.

It is now time to drastically reform Japan with courage,

The Japanese should practice and propose the best way to harmonize with the world,

The people of the world will pay attention to the future of Japan.

If Japan can revive and become newly boned, as dignified strong Japanese they will be respected from the world. Japan should cooperate not only with USA but also with other countries to stabilize conflict areas by providing technical assistance to encourage economic independence.

Japan will be its best only by contributing to the prosperity of the region of other countries. Moreover, it will become the way to live in the future.

Now please read and enjoy Yoko’s personal story.

You might be amazed how she grew up and became a strong woman as the years gone by, and how her faith made YOKO unshakable.

YOKO Ishikawa
at Tateshina Nagano

Love is taking action positive, genuine, definite action to reach out and help others, proving your love for them.

Recommended Reading


The ancestor of the Japanese is Abraham of the Bible!

Lost Tribes

Japan and the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel

This Super DNA Will Change the World.

Author Yutaka Koishi

◉ The meaning of the official name of Emperor Jinmu who was the first emperor, “Kamu, Yamato, Iware, Biko, Sumera, Mikoto” is unknown in Japanese, but in Hebrew or Aramaic it means “a king of Samaria, a lofty founder of the Hebrew nation of Yahweh. ◉ The origin of the shrine remains in mystery in Japan, but the role and structure of the Tabernacle is the shrine itself. ◉ The world has only a tradition of the tabernacle left in Japan. ◉ The origin of the shrine and festival in Japan remains mysterious, but it is a festival in Japan celebrating when the Ark of the Covenant was brought to Jerusalem, the city of David.

◉ The meaning of the word “Washoi, Washoi” (what the Japanese chant when they carry the Omikoshi) is a mystery in Japanese, but in Hebrew it means “the salvation of the Lord will come”. ◉ The Origin of three kinds of sacred treasures in Japan remains a mystery, but what was in the Ark of the Covenant were three kinds of sacred treasure. ◉ The reason why such a big shrine was built in Izumo remains unknown, but there was a high-rise altar on the banks of the Jordan River. ◉ After the tribe of Ephraim came from Samaria, the three tribes of Reuben Manasseh and Gad went to Izumo. Ephraim Takachiho passed through Hyoga Prefecture and moved to Yamato. ◉ Jesus said, “Samaritans don’t know what they worship, but the Jews know and worship”. ◉ The Samaritans spoken by Jesus is a metaphor of the blessed people of the eastern islands who will appear in the future. ◉ The Truth of the Old Testament: The Torah is built by the Japanese as a tiger’s volume.

◉ The super DNA of the direct descendants of Abraham flowed to the Japanese. ◉ Abraham … Isaac … Jacob … Joseph … Ephraim … Manasseh … ◉ The 10 lost tribes of Israel were hidden in the eastern islands Japan in this way. ◉ Ephraim Manasseh, direct line of super DNA, came to Japan. ◉ So the Ten Commandments of Moses are engraved in the hearts of Japanese people. ◉ David The throne that was succeeded to Jesus is now leading to the recovery of Ephraim · Manasseh. ◉ Japanese traditional culture originates from Jeroboam, the king of ten tribes of Israel. ◉ It was unbelief / idolatry worship that made God furious. ◉ King David, the direct line of King Solomon King Ahaz, pushes forward the most vicious pagan worship, and finally loses the country. ◉ The Japanese emperor is connected with the heads of the four Ephraimites who followed the warning of God. ◉ Ephraim is the leader representing 10 tribes, equivalent to the Scriptures “Joseph of Ephraim and all the house of Israel to which it belongs”. ◉The 10 tribes is a nation and must be a big tribe. ◉ The restoration of the 10 Tribes is an absolute requirement for the start of the Millennial Kingdom. ◉ A thousand year kingdom is completed by the coalition of two Judean tribes and ten Japanese tribes. ◉ It is the mission of the house of Judah to rescue the house of Joseph (Japan, the Emperor).

The ancestor of the Japanese ancestor Abraham of the Bible!

From the author, Pastor Yutaka Koishi

Stanford University Hoover Laboratory Professor Toshio Nishi and Yoko Ishikawa

Stanford University Hoover Laboratory
Professor Toshio Nishi and Yoko Ishikawa

 E-Learning Research Institute Co., Ltd. President Tomoo Yoshida President and Yoko Ishikawa

E-Learning Research Institute Co., Ltd.
President Tomoo Yoshida President and Yoko Ishikawa

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