Somewhere beneath the rubble of every endeavor gone awry are the tiny seeds of wisdom. Dig for and plant these seeds, and someday a forest of mighty trees will grow.
Truth Liberty Freedom
Creation Invention Discovery

Research Observation Insights

Togetherness Cohabitation Peace

Light Love Laughter

Truth Virtue Beauty

rising-cloud-hand Knowledge Wisdom Meekness

Courage Challenge Discipline

Friendship Harmony Continuity

Generosity Patience Prosperity 

Pureness Justice Judgement

Eternity Thankfulness Joy
To see and understand the big picture,
you’ve got to meet the Master Painter.

Japan Escort Logo

Yoko Ishikawa

Yoko Ishikawa


A nation which the Bible prophets prophesied of, and which inherited an extraordinary culture and civilization from ancient times to the present,

A nation blessed with a mild climate and rich nature, living together in harmony one with another, valuing peace, loving nature and its beauty. That is Japan, the nation of the rising sun.

The world will come to seek Japan’s technical assistance and human resources in various fields such as the spirit of peace, state-of-the-art optical science technology and medical technology. NPO Rising Cloud supports and escorts our overseas visitors to Japan’s culture and arts, and presents its Samurai Spirits through education and support. NPO Rising Cloud has just begun.

We need your support, cooperation, and energy to bring love and peace, and prosperity to the world.

Founder and Chair
Yoko Ishikawa

Rising Cloud NPO History

● Jul. 23, 2008: Non-Profit Organization, NPO Leap High 28 established
● Dec. 17, 2012: Changed its name to NPO Rising Cloud
● Dec. 26, 2012: Registered NPO Rising Cloud
● Apr. 9, 2013: Applied trademark “Japan Escort”
● Sep. 6, 2013: Registered trademark “Japan Escort”

Organization chart

● RC Honorary members
     Masanobu Inui
     (Unified Mathematical Optical / Inventor of Optical Cross Law)

     Mieko Nakayama
     (Chair woman/Japan Judo Scholarship Society)

     Gloria Star Kins
     (Publisher of Society &Diplomatic Review)

● RC Advisors

     Atsushi Akizawa (Chairman of NPO The Next Generation)

     Hiroyuki Aoki (Founder of KENBU TENSHIN Way )

     Akira Hasegawa Artist & total producer

     Michihiro Matsumoto(International journalist,

     Yusuke Nakanishi (Member of the House of Councilors)

     Katsumi Noboru (Important Intangible Cultural Property Designation Holder Kanze Noh)

     Arimasa Kubo (remnant publishing representative / Bible researcher)Art Members:

● RC Art Members

     Mark Estel
     Japanese Mythology Paintings

     Shon Fuji
     Traditional Pottery Arita Ware

     Akio Kurokawa
     Edo Kiriko

     Issai Yorozuya
     Woman Modern Ukiyoe Painter

     Zuiryu Yoshida
     Sho Artist

     Eiji Uemura
     MAKIE Pearl Jewel Artist

     David Stanley Hewett
     Pottery, Paintings, Engraving

     Yoshihiro Kubo
     Silk Painting Artist

● RC Directors

     NPO Rising Cloud Founder & Chairwoman
     Yoko Ishikawa
     Yoko Ishikawa

Medical Corporation Ishikawa Dental Clinic Owner

     Tadashi Nakamura
     Chairman of S.B.I com.
     RC New Technology Information Director

     Fidel Takahashi
     CEO of Japan Visit Bureau Corp
     RC Events Director

     Hirobumi Hasaba
     Executive Director of MPUF
     RC Japanese Sake Promotion Director
     RC Cultural Education Director

     Akira Shimada
     RC Video director / video footage in charge)

     Masafumi Oki
     MO Design Office
     RC Art-Selection Director

● Auditor
     Toshiaki Oshima
     CEO of Dianasun Diamond Co

Planned and Managed by NPO Rising Cloud
Japan Escort is a registered trademark of NPO Rising Cloud

2-6-24 Kasuya Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 157-0063, JAPAN


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