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国宝「土偶」(縄文のビーナス) 茅野市尖石縄文考古館

National treasure figurine
( Jomon era Venus )
Jomon Archaeological Museum collections

国宝 火焔型土器 十日町博物館所蔵

National treasure flame type earthenware
Tokamachi Museum

The world is fascinated with Japanese culture and technology.
However, it does not know Japan’s history, culture and the underlining spirit behind it all.
NPO Rising Cloud is active in promoting Japanese culture to the world
to bring about the joy of peace and mutual respect among all nations.
We endeavor to create a system that supports one another.



Important Intangible Cultural Property synthesis designated holder
Noh Player
Noboru Katsumi

Martial Arts

Kenbu Tenshin Way Founder Hiroyuki Aoki
His website:

Tea Ceremony

Shusetsu Hatayama

Rakugo (Stand up comedian)

Cyril Coppini


Noriko Nagao
Lifestyle designer

Organizations working with Rising Cloud

Japan Escort in Kyoto

Japan Promotion Association

The Bible and Japan Forum

Culture photo

bunka pictures top

Culture pictures


The Craftsman’s Skill, Zero Magnetic field Illumination


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