Your sorrow is meant to be a strength-giver to you,
and to equip you for giving strength to others.

Support the people who support others!

Contents of support


・Deliver Perpetual Calendars
・Install Polaris & Children Donation Boxes
・Give away PC tablets to Tohoku earthquake and tsunami disaster survival children

Establish The Polaris & Children Foundation

NPO Next Generation Creative Workshop has sent 270 affected children in Tohoku for a short-term study abroad since 2011. They will continue until 2020. Students have come back with great memories and super nice experiences with many kind people who planted seeds of love and knowledge into their hearts through this project.

Those seeds will grow and bloom into flowers which will spread more seeds to become more flowers.


NPO Rising Cloud has presented Mr. Atsushi Akizawa 50 Force Club PC tablets and perpetual calendars from the Polaris Children Fund on April 25, 2015.

Why support this project?


There are various reasons why a person would choose to support or not to support a project. I choose to support a project not out of moral or ethical obligation or even sympathy, but because I know that I am being watched from Heaven to see what little good I will do by giving what I can in the way of donations.

The Japanese are strong in the spirit of giving to help one another mutually, but it is unfortunate that the practice of giving donations has not been absorbed by the public at large.

Some people say they will send support and give donations only after they become wealthy. But the concept of giving donations is not about the amount or about what one has left over to spare. There is value in thinking to do something for someone or society. There is meaning in considering that we are one under the Love of God.

In the minds of Western people due to teaching from the Bible, it is natural to become a volunteer and giving donations is a part of their life. There is not a more compassionate people than the Japanese when it comes to thinking of others more than oneself. However the practice of donating to causes is still not a part of Japanese society.

I believe in the existence of Heaven. It is not visible to the eye or audible to the ear. However I believe in a Supreme Spirit Who is Light and Love and leading people to the next dimension while training them to be His people.

God’s people are the peace makers of this world. Peace will someday reign on earth. Without fail evil will perish and love and peace shall overcome. But peace has not yet come for the poor and children who live in a substandard environment. To bring that day about we must continue to do whatever little good we can do today. We do it to be true to the principles of Heaven. We do it to make God rejoice. We sow deeds of kindness to bring about a better world.

Someday the Prince of Peace, that Wonderful Counselor Who surpasses all the religious denominations in the world will return to earth. Let us invest in that day by storing our riches in Heaven.

This is the reason why I support and donate to needy causes.

Yoko Ishikawa
August 1, 2015

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