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Akio Kurokawa

Kiroko, or the Cut Glass style of art, was brought to Japan from Europe in Edo Era of the 16th century.

Mr. Kurokawa’s Edo Kiriko is an art object created with solid traditional techniques and a venturous pursuit of beauty. Line crossings with great accuracy and sharp edges almost give one a sense of pain.

His undertaking the challenge to daring and unique curve engraving is especially only because of his background of craftsmanship of over 60 years. Mr. Kurokawa’s engraving is deep darkness that emphasizes light. For all the more reason, it gleams richly.

Mr. Akio Kurokawa has taken techniques which came from 16th century Europe that have been nurtured by Japanese sensibility and craftsmanship, and further developed them to be noble artworks.

This is also available in: Japanese