Give God a chance, and He will make something beautiful of your life.

Creation, skill, beauty

Japan Escort Art

Artists of Rising Cloud

  • Marcestel, Mythology Painter
  • Akiko Yoshida Calligraphy
  • Shoun Fujii Traditional Pottery Arita Ware
  • Diana Sun Diamond
  • Eiji Uemura Makie, Pearl Jewel Artist
  • Akio Kurokawa, Edo Kiriko
  • Yoshihiro Kubo Silk Painter
  • David Stanley Hewett Pottery and Painter

NPO Rising Cloud introduces artists who are active in Japan.

NPO Rising Cloud introduces artists who are skillful in displaying the heart of Japan.

NPO Rising Cloud introduces Spirit of Japan.

NPO Rising Cloud introduces the embodiment of the Japanese mind.
The heart of Japan has been polished with the Yamato Spirit.
Experience your Yamato!

Superior beauty
Superior Beauty



● In the Japan Escort art selection,
  Rising Cloud is introducing 28 active artists to the world focusing on the theme of Japan and its spirit.
● We are constructing a shopping site on the Internet with multi-languages.
● We will announce and invite Rising Cloud friendship members (free   registration) to group exhibitions and art salons.

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