Shadow lady

I have decided to share weekly messages to those who have received a Mottos for Success Perpetual Calendar. It is important to judge what is true and what is a lie or a conspiracy in a world where information is complicated. We should hope to grasp the whole picture and look at things in its correct perspective.

Once a person brought a blind man to an elephant and asked him to touch a part of it and explain what he was touching. No blind man could identify that it was an elephant. Long ago Confucius taught, “Be wise, be compassionate, be courageous. These are the three virtues of life.” People are trying to pass on precious life to the next generation. However, people are now facing the biggest crisis in history.

Humans block light with ego. The Golden Rule naturally applies to the Japanese. Do to others what you want them to do to you! But the devil is contaminating the golden rule established by Heaven! We should not discuss it without seeing the entire picture. It is necessary for us to arm ourselves with knowledge by knowing all the devices the enemy, being spiritually protected by our Creator God, and each person taking measures in faith for the future to move forward.

Now the world is largely polarized, and human society has come to the final stage. Globalist versus nationalist, capitalist versus communist, atheist (demonic worship) vs. theist (worship of God). What do you choose? Naturally, we want peace of mind, safety, happiness, prosperity, coexistence, peace, creativity, justice, and eternal life! Don’t we?

But what can we do…?! What is the identity of the globalist? A one world world unified government exists in reality, not just in picture sketches. The evil Illuminati has devoted all of its energy to dominate the world. In order to purge love from the earth, starting with financial control, they cause nations to fight with each other through clever techniques, directing wars for gain of enormous wealth, huge profits with false medical care, brainwashing people, manipulating information, secretly influencing other nations’ policies, and controlling countries from behind the scenes. The evil Serpent Satan pursues only for profit, places all under falsehoods, and continues to cheat humanity!

However I would like to introduce a great Japanese man with a Samurai spirit who speaks truth, and sees the big picture with a correct perspective. His name is Yokuni Hideyuki. People with compassionate spread his videos. Rothschilds, Rockefellers and their colleagues reign over the world as our unseen enemies. Please be wise, be compassionate, and be brave.

If you do not act, evil will increase. Without love, justice will be lost.
By Rinko Kurumado November 13, 2017

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