Take time once in a while to watch a sunrise or sunset.
See and feel the power and majesty of the great Creator.



What makes Japanese culture so special?
Japan has many tangible and intangible treasures
which are revered throughout the world.
Japan is without a self-depreciating sense of history.
Its ideas are balanced. Will you not investigate together
with us Japan’s spiritual culture of peace?

● Recommended books
・Hidemichi Tanaka
・Arimasa Yuji
・H.G. Wells
The shape of the things to come
・Dr. Avigdor Shachan
In The footprints of the ten lost tribes
・The Holy Bible
・The Prophecies of Nostradamus

Japan Escort Academy

According to the International Tourism White Paper, France was ranked the number one visited country and Japan was ranked at the 33rd most visited country in the world. What is the reason for this difference?

Japan has a temperate climate and four seasons, a beautiful scenery of mountains, valleys and ocean, delicious food with rice wine. It is a nation that values tradition with a rich culture based on its history past, a country with many quality products that provide an extraordinary shopping experience and many common denominators with the modern Western world. Why is it then that tourism is so poor compared to other nations? I think the biggest reason is, the Japanese people themselves do not realize the extraordinary cultural and artistic spirit of the country. Also, they do not correctly understand their history that continues unbroken from ancient times.

I believe we need to relearn Japanese history and make the Japanese people and the world ore conscious of it.

To this intent and purpose, NPO Rising cloud has established the Japan escort Academy .

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