Creation, skill, beauty

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Eiji Uemura is an extraordinary Japanese pearl jewelry artist. He was born in 1968 as the third generation of Uemura Pearl Farming which began in 1929 in Watarai-gun Minami-Ise. He became a jewelry artist at the age of 23.

Eiji Uemura catches women’s hearts with his entirely new method of pearl jewelry, MAKIE Pearls.

Japan Escort gladly introduces to the world extraordinary Makie Pearls by Mr. Eiji Uemura.

By combining MAKIE, a traditional lacquer technique of Japan, to pearls, Mr. Uemura created ingenious jewelry that you will find nowhere else in the world.

MAKIE is a traditional technique with a history of 1,500 years of using lacquer in Japanese painting techniques. Mr. Uemura applies lacquer on top of the pearls by which he also hopes will revitalize the Japanese pearl industry which has been declining year by year.

His dream and hope is for MAKIE Pearls to become popular among celebrities in Asia and Middle East.

We hope you enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Makie Pearls by Eiji Uemura. You can purchase his artworks at the Japan Escort shop site.

This is also available in: Japanese