The Motto’s for Success Perpetual Calendar on November 26nd says, “Try to replace critical thoughts with positive ones, and you’ll be amazed what a difference it will make in your day, your spirit, and your life.” When we think something is incorrect, we will seek for the correct answer. People instinctively seek for the truth! Since we know deep inside our souls that we are the creation of God, we therefore seek for the right way and shun the evil.

Now there are people who call themselves Jewish who control the financial world. The Illuminati who rule the world are only 0.0001 percent of the world’s population. The hypocrites and false Jews as written in the Bible made Jesus Christ furious because they polluted the House of God. The elders of Judaism (the Sanhedrin) skillfully instructed to donate wooden coins rather than real gold coins to the temple. Naive Jews followed. The history of money exists before Christ.

I would like to introduce Mutsuo Mabuchi (Former Ukrainian Ambassador) who explains “international affairs” very simply. He found out the shape of the national financial crisis from his own experience, knowledge and common sense. It is information literacy for Japanese. It accurately conveys the message. If you are awakened by his message, please spread it out.

According to Japanese prophecy, “Hitsuki Shinji”, “At this time I will refore the structure of Ishiya (Freemasonry), by showing clearly God’s power. There are many who are not yet awake because they have been trapped by Freemasonry.”

A movie producer, Aaron Russo, produced a movie on the theme of international financial capitalists and the Federal Reserve Bank which controls the United States from behind the scenes. It had a great influence on the American people. He is one of the courageous people who seriously tried to change America. One of the Rockefellers became his friend and invited him into his group. But Mr. Russo refused to join. There is talk that Russo was murdered afterward, but we do not know the truth! But God knows everything.

It is clear that Aaron Russo is in Heaven living with the angels. Russo is a man of courage and compassion. His soul will live eternally. It is also clear that evil men will perish.

We live our present lives with gratitude. Humans are a creation of God and therefore it is very important to live our lives with joy and rejoice for all living things. It is necessary to reconsider yourselves what makes you happy, what makes you sad, what makes you angry.

Weeky message #3 by Rinko Kurumado written on Nov. 21, 2017