A working man must not forget the art of playing,
lest he lose the energy and inspiration needed for his work.


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Kentaro Kitamura


Kurumado Grand Priest

People are affected for better or for worse. How you are affected is up to you…! How seriously do we face problems? It’s very important for life how well we deal with problems. Fear of failure prevents us from dealing with difficulties! We can’t even begin to start when we are afraid of failure. Happy are the people who face challenges without fear and open new paths for new opportunities.

Each generation continues to make progress in learning of life and the world. We are very happy when we connect to life in pleasant ways… It is uncommon for a person to have such a brilliant father as I had. I was greatly influenced by him. He raised me in love. He brought trust and security into my life. He was an entrepreneur. My father, Kentaro Kitamura, was born in the Meiji era. He started a pharmaceutical company before WWII and after the war ran a publishing company and printing company. Even though his company ended after his death, his entrepreneurial spirit and nature are engraved forever in my heart! I therefore am proud to introduce Kitamura Kentaro, the brother of the Honorary President of Olympus.

I wrote about father Kentaro Kitano in “Half of Rinko’s Life”. If you are interested in reading about the lives of others, please come to the Rinko Blog. You might learn a lot from him …!

Shigeo Kitamura
(Formerly the president of Olympus Corp.)

My deceased uncle from Hikone, Shigeo Kitamura, became president of the Olympus company. He quit his job at the local Shiga Bank and decided to get a job at Olympus. Olympus at that time did not make medical equipment. Though Olympus was a first class manufacturer of microscopes, their cameras were considered second class products.. Shigeo Kitamura marketed all over the world with confidence and pride an end oscope (stomach camera) developed by an Olympus engineer. My uncle’s slogan was “make Olympus a world class company!” As a medical device manufacturer, Olympus has built a position of over a 60% share of world’s market thanks to a single engineer. I think that it is because engineers are the treasure of a company and new product development and technological innovation are a requirement for the company’s fate. This keeps Japan a technological superior state, maintains national strength and achieves results in every field. I am very pleased to have opportunity to introduce Japan’s proud technology to the world.

Here I would like to introduce more cutting edge companies.

Introducing THK


THK’s name derives from the initials of toughness “Toughness”, “High Quality”, and “Know-how”. I had no idea what kind of products THK is offering to us. It’s existence is like the edge of the edge. The company’s name is always invisible and unlikely to become well known to the world!

I had the opportunity to cooperate with THK ‘s Seed Solution robot development project, and learned of THK’ s seismic isolation device. There is always fear of a big earthquake, which can happen anytime in the immediate neighborhood …! I visited the showroom of the head office and experienced first hand the seismic isolation device. The tremor of the strong earthquake with seismic intensity of 6 was like a swinging on a swing. I was amazed by the wonderfulness of Japanese technology to protect the building and protect people’s lives and property.

Here I would like to introduce THK again.

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COO Neil Butler


In today’s world, information is written on paper less and less and is digitized for the Internet more and more. However there is still a company that provides information in magazines for foreign residents living in Tokyo. That company is Metropolis!

Most foreigners living in Japan know this magazine! The chief operating officer of Metropolis is an Australian by the name of Neil Butler. He is one of the foreigners who love Japan. He has a column in the Sankei Shimbun and Tokyo Shimbun newspapers, and writes about Japan as an outsider. Rising Cloud welcomes him as one of its board directors.

Sun M Color

Katsumi Matsui

Katsumi Matsui

Like everyone, I love to behold beautiful things, but I was shocked to see from a friend the beauty of a certain printed matter. It was a beautiful calendar that I never imagined would ever be printed. It is a splendid calendar of interwoven gold and silver to make one feel the elegance of the aristocratic culture of the Heian era … and I fell in love with it at first sight! was. When raising a marvelous voice to its beauty, a friend connected me to the person rather than a company that produced it — Katsumi Matsui who is president of Sun M Color. He is a craftsman and an exquisite artist!

My passion to publish printed material with Mr. Matsui is tremendous. Sun M Color embodies Japanese culture through artistic printing. It has also updated its website and started disseminating it to the world. What a wonderful person and acquaintance to have! I am thankful to my friends for introducing Mr. Matsui.

Rising Cloud is introducing Japan’s beauty and technology to the world! I think that daily dreams and wishes can be realized even through artistic calendars. Rising Cloud introduces Sun M Color as a global Japanese company.

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