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Because a person’s soul has a will, it has the power of choice. Times and places, one’s parents and body are all chosen before being born in this world.

We live our lives while feeling joy in love we unconsciously give and receive. It is natural that people have emotions of happiness, joy, anger, and sorrow. What makes you feel joy or anger? And what makes you feel sorrow or happiness?

Because people are spiritual beings with karma, we feel differently. However, there is always the Golden Rule. The so-called Golden Rule is common to all people and nations. Do what you want others to do to you.

Living in the present means you will live in the future as well! You can live better by learning more about your soul. There is the visible world, and there is the invisible world of angels and devils. The spiritual world creates visible reality. It influences everything for better or for worse.

Well, in Japan today, do people have good health care? Is their land and property safe? Is the government and are politicians working together to establish a rich and strong nation with a developed and prosperous economy? Do individuals, society and the nation recognize the underlying strength of Japan and the Japanese people? Are we raising true leaders for the next generation?

The turning point to innovate from darkness to light is now. A person tries to advance to the essence of life and light, but is hindered by ego and karma.

Are you satisfied with the present situation? Or will you live in compromise? Do you think that you can’t change reality?

We are full of possibilities. Japan has the qualities and history to become a super leader of the world. However, Japan is now full of problems. The public does not know the whole picture! That is the biggest problem.

This is because newspapers and television do not report the truth …. 71 years after the war, the defeated nation of Japan was forced to accept the values ​​of the nation that conquered it, and the spirituality of the Japanese was eradicated. Therefore, the Japanese need to regain the spirit of Bushido, and in this evil era it is necessary to arm oneself with knowledge and to spiritually establish a barrier against evil.

And, we have to renew our minds and bodies and open up to a new era. It is now necessary to protect our loved ones, and to thank the God of creation for establishing the Land of the Rising Sun in order to continue to advance forward.

People of the world are attracted and fascinated by Japanese culture and its uniqueness. Although Japan is actually a rich country with economic power, it has two budgets, a general domestic budget and a special budget which mostly flows out of the country abroad, especially to America.

Most of the Japanese nation including the government do not know what that special budget is! This is the problem! The lives of the people would be enriched by using the special budget within the country. Without the special budget, the lives of people have become harder, the number of poor families has increased, education has deteriorated, medical expenses have increased, the physical and mental health of the people have also eroded, and Japan is not responsible to defend its own country but is dependent on another country, America.

Japan has no real self-rule. This is not what it should be. The future of the nation depends on the action we take now.

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Daily Communication Part 1 by Rinko Kurumado November 10, 2017


Every person emanates a wave that is not visible to the eye. If you are with a person with a high frequency wave, you will be influenced in a good way and will be able to grasp things positively. On the other hand, a person with a low frequency wave causes a negative way of thinking, which will make you feel uncomfortable to be with that person … … It is important to increase the frequency of the waves you emanate! Daily polish your sensibilities, act in accordance with your inner voice, your intuition! If so, daily you will accumulate more power, and your intuition will be trained ….


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